Spring Rolls #01

This is a common recipe among Pinoys. We prepare this on different occasions because it’s easy and affordable.
Spring rolls or the “Lumpiang Gulay” is best eaten with a can or glass of Coke. 🙂
I decided to make a variation of the ingredients from normal minced pork to glass noodles and more vegetables. I know a lot of people know how to cook spring rolls, we only differ on ingredient preferences.
Please note that this recipe is still high in carb and fat contents but it’s up to your conscience to regulate your eating.
Here are the ingredients:
1 small onion (chopped)
3 cloves garlic (chopped/minced)
1 medium carrot, sliced in small cubes or strips
string beans cut into tiny bits
half of cabbage head
1 red pepper
raisins (optional)
1 can Tuna in Vegetable Oil (Lite)
Glass noodles (I preferred vermicelli)
Spring Roll Pastry Sheets
In a pan on medium fire, heat a small amount of cooking oil, enough to sauté the garlic and onions. Add the carrots, string beans and red pepper. Add Tuna and cabbage. After 3 minutes add raisins, glass noodles and season with salt and black pepper. When cooked, place to a platter and let cool for a few minutes. Prepare Spring Roll Pastry Sheets.  (I bought frozen spring roll pastry sheets, so I let it soften for a while before spreading cooked tuna and vegetables).
I forgot to buy red pepper this time but it’s a must for this recipe. It has an aromatic attraction to all Lumpia lovers, plus it adds a spicy taste aside from its natural nutritional substance.
When the cooked vegetables have cooled and spring roll sheets are ready, spread a spoonful onto the sheets and roll. Do the same to all the sheets until everything is done.  Deep fry the rolls until golden brown. Serve hot with cold drinks – coke or juice.
Here it is… enjoy your spring rolls! 😉

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