Once is Enough

It’s rainy season once again in Thailand and the people in the village where I live are worried. This time last year we were warned of a big flood coming from the North because dams were opened simultaneously and too much water came out from many dams; the flood did occur and lasted 40-45 days.

An underwater national highway

A Village entrance…

Now the sky is consistently warning us with heavy downpour every day in the afternoon. The rain usually lasts 20-30 minutes but it is enough to fill the hearts of many Thais with fears. The news that the Northern part of Thailand experience rain for more than 60 days aggravates their worries. Most business establishments close by my home have built concrete fences already to prepare for the possibilities of another deluge.

The view at my apartment today

We are hoping no flood comes this year. We had enough troubles already. May the gods hear us 😉


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