Samet Island Adventure

The latest island I’ve visited in Thailand is Koh Samet. It is situated southeast of Bangkok, a 3-hour trip by bus and boat.

It cost me 374baht for a round-trip ticket (aircon bus and ferry fare) from Ekkamai Bus Terminal to the island itself.

If you wish to go there, I could offer little information. At Ekkamai Bus Terminal you can purchase a ticket to Ban Phe, Rayong but most certainly, you will be offered a two-way ticket direct to the island, so I suggest take the offer to avoid urgency in buying tickets in Ban Phe and going back; it’s more convenient. It’s up to you to choose air con bus or ordinary bus. A ferry awaits passengers to bring to Samet Island in Ban Phe. If you haven’t booked a hotel at the island, you can get one at Ban Phe pier. Many local guides offer you a place, inn, bungalows or resort to stay in.

You may also book at your hotels (if you’re staying at a hotel in Bangkok) so you can go to the island in pre-arranged basis since most hotels have their private buses or boats to transport guests or offer island tour packages.

What’s at the island?

Aside from the very fine sand, white beaches and peaceful ambience at LiamYai Resort (where I stayed), you can do a lot of things during the day and at night.

Daytime: Either stay on a beach chair and sleep all day, or participate on a volleyball game. You can also go to island hopping tour offered by your resort which includes lunch on a boat, snorkeling, diving, and jet skiing.

Nighttime: Dine at Ploy Pub along the shore with the rushing seawater at your feet. Or go to different bar that offer variety of seafood menu, live band and wine. Also witness a beautiful fire dance!


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