Sacked: Recover and Move On

The most terrible thing that could happen to you in your career or job is when you are sacked for any reasons – your fault or your irresponsibility or plain company downsizing. We know the fact that at present it’s quite difficult to find a new job of your liking and most of all a job that pays better. So being sacked really sucks!

I am writing based on my personal experience. Being laid off wounds your pride and prevent you from making good plans work. You will become a part of the jobless community. Jobless would mean full of debt, moneyless and powerless or worst, friendless. It is terribly depressing and you hate the world when it happens. Before depression and insecurities get the better of you, do something to make things better and to make you feel better.

These tips worked well for me. They might work well for you too.

1. Accept the fact.

Your mind is your worst enemy. Befriend your mind and yourself. Tell your mind that everything is OK and soon you will find another and better job. The reasons of your dismissal don’t matter anymore, either it was your fault or plainly the company’s decision to downsize employees, the fact still remains that you’re off the employees list so you better move on. This torturing feeling that you learnt to love the job but it will soon vanish and affects your routines isn’t nice at all. Brainwashing yourself sounds silly but this will encourage yourself to really find another job so that the bad feeling you have now will fade away sooner.

2. Tell Your Family and Friends About Your Loss.

Yes, being fired is a loss or defeat. Your source of income died. Let yourself mourn over it and let your family and friends sympathize. You can get ideas or job opportunities from them that they know of from their connections and friends. (I told my parents I’m going to be jobless and penniless at the end of the month. They helped me and inspired me to carry on with my life and find a new job that is really rewarding.)

3. Plan, Revise your resume.

Think thoroughly over the mistakes or reasons why you are being sacked. Reassess your wants and ambitions in life. Would you go for the same job or take another career? (I was right to take another career path. I used to be in the field of Accounting, but I found fulfillment in the field of Teaching.)

4. Search Job, Send Application and Resume, Prepare for Interviews

This means back to square one. At least you have the chance to get back to square one. This time you are more mature, more clever and prepared. You’ve been here before so at least you know the drill. It sounds laborious but this is how it goes! (I cannot recall the number of resumes I had circulated around Makati and Metro Manila anymore. After 3 months, I got an auditing job in Mandaluyong but I lasted only a month).

4. Explore and Weigh All Options

This one is really tough. Sometimes you don’t know which option is the best and most satisfying at the end. But if you trust your instinct, and follow the dictate of your heart, you will get the right job. (Being an Accounting graduate, I wish to work in the same field, but I found Teaching more gratifying after several attempts of working in a bank or audit firm).

5. Seek Advice.

Sometimes the encouragement and tips of the wise is what we really needed. It’s like we need validation of our own plans so that we feel confident to pursue them. (I got the best advice of a friend who had the same experience. I felt relieved, knowing that there’s someone who knows what I feel and can give ideas how to recover from such predicament.)

6. Pray Harder

“Without God, I Am Nothing. With God I Will Never Fail.”

Prayer will be the most powerful weapon against depression due to this kind of problem. Ask God’s guidance and signs to get the right job. Always remember that God is good all the time. If you don’t believe God, just have faith that you get a new job sooner… never believe you stay the same forever. Remember, everything changes.

7. “Whatever you do, do it well.”

Once you’re in on a job, make your mark and do everything that impresses your boss. Be the company’s asset and stay away from the same mistakes you’ve done before. Whatever you do, do it well!


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