For Four Good Years

How fast time flies! Four years seemed like yesterday!

I could still remember the boy with small eyes who touched my calf in brown stockings during his first day at school. I guess he did it out of curiosity. I turned around and saw him grinning and said “It’s beautiful!” I just smiled and carried on the works of that day but in my mind he’s a little extraordinary among 6-year olds at school because they don’t speak English or don’t speak to their teacher on the first day of school.  The little boy was quite a handful as days go by but he proved his importance and attraction in class. Out of the blue, his parents wished me to tutor him after school for more English lessons and I felt obliged that they trust me to be part of their son’s education. It’s been four years now and the boy grew incredibly smart and I was right at the beginning that he’s extraordinary. At a young age he has shown admirable academic performance. I believe that in the future, as the world offers better chances and improvements, he’d surely fare well to realizing his dreams.

He wrote a short piece yesterday as we had our regular Friday tutoring. Plus he’s got some foodies for me! Sweet!





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