Wednesday becomes a Whinesday!

I read too many proverbs, wonderful sayings, striking quotations and hundreds of words of wisdom posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites. If only people follow what they say, what they post on their walls, timelines or whatever they call it, we could probably make a better community full of good people. But if people are foolish, words of wisdom are useless!

Here’s what happened, the great words of great authors are used to mainly attack enemies not for personal growth. Why can’t we just ignore the less important and get on with the things that make us better and happy. Social network sites are supposed to be ‘social’ or ‘friendly’ and not used to strongly criticize someone for their ideas or actions. It should not be a venue to air dislike over someone or broadcast a scandalous rumor about them… It is still nice to open your computer and see your page full of positive words and views after a long day rather than complaints and word war of friends.

I’m glad I signed up on WordPress. I’ve been active in just a short time but I can sense that people are really friendly, inspiring, professional  and their write ups are really worth reading. Unlike other blogsites or social network, I receive plenty of visits only to sell products I don’t want or need.

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday becomes a Whinesday!

  1. The words you’ve written here are so true. Social networks (ie: FB; Twitter, etc.) have turned into sites that people use to brag or put people down. The quotes and sayings are a form of getting people to go there and comment or Like but very few have substance that we can learn something from. I think this wordpress site gives people an opportunity to learn more about cultures and countries and people – sometimes, things as simple as a recipe.
    I like your blog. keep it up.

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Isadora! I’m just starting this blog as hobby and in the process of learning stuff from you and others as well 😉 I am very impressed at the works of wordpress bloggers. I have so many ideas in my head but most of my time is taken by my students, so for now I can only post a few and wait for the school break to make improvements 🙂

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