Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Daily scene at the market close to where I live. Cheap ladies belts, hair accessories and bling blings! This street stall is open everyday

old jeans converted to shorts and sold for a very cheap price. Whatever Thai people make, Thai people buy!

A Thai market is never seen without a food stall like this. They are open everyday from morning till night!

Pork leg and knuckle in sweet sauce. This kind of stall is not only a daily bestseller but also found anywhere…

Selling fake/copied DVD’s is common in Thailand. You can find in every malls and streets everyday… 

I bet this public telephone booth is super busy everyday

Occupying the streets and serving the people… everyday life of taxi drivers and bus drivers.

Working people hurrying for the daily call

Pedestrians heading to their own destinations to do the works of the day

My daily call… students and school

My everyday life in Thailand

Oh no, not everyday! Only when there’s a party the night before the workday! 😉

Collection of photos of the different daily pursuits of different people I see.






6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

  1. Markets are my favorite places. I wish we had them more often. The pork is a stall that my husabnd would not leave. he would be there all day and night. Your photos give a very nice view of life in your country. I can see buying fesh fruits everyday. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it very much.
    p.s. – what are the price of those jean? Just curious as I can’t figure it out. Thanks …

    • I’m glad you like this post. I like markets too and the hustle and bustle I see when I go for shopping fruits and veggies. That jeans is sold for 60bhat or $1.9. Thanks for your nice comments 😉

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