Let the Shootings Begin!

You will be loved 🙂

So I got my new Nikon DSLR today!

I’m so excited to get out and learn or experiment photography. I can’t wait the weekend and October school break to come so I can have more time to practice. For now, I’m exploring the basics of my camera and learning useful tips from professional photographers and bloggers while I’m stuck at my small place because of work.

I had two choices of camera brands, Nikon and Canon, but I chose the latter in the end. Maybe the very convincing sales talk of the Nikon representative was too good to pass up. Besides I like Nikon products. My old camera is Nikon and I like the quality of photos it turned into. More to the point, it’s not only the camera that brings good photos, I believe it’s a combination of good quality camera and good skill or know-how of the person holding the camera. And for that reason, I’m learning and soon gonna start shooting! 😉

Below are my first tries…

My friend, Irene

My lonely friend 😉


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