What’s Next after the Climb to Limestone Hill?

When my sister and I went to Malaysia, she insisted on taking a trip to Batu Caves in Gombak District, Kuala Lumpur before heading back to Bangkok. She heard lots of stories about the place and I wonder why I didn’t know about it and it made me curious. So we headed on by train from KL Central to Gombak and I was glad I listened to her. I found the place beautiful and I enjoyed every steps I make on my way up to the cave.

A statue of Murugan, a Hindu God

Looks like the boy enjoys watching my pigeon feeding

Ready to ascend

This is a 272 steps climb

Entrance of the cave

My sister checking on the cave and limestone rock

Glad she insisted to come here

Limestone rock/wall

My descend, their ascend

I’m thirsty from the climb… coconut water, anyone?

So I’m done with caves and it’s been a while I didn’t take a real holiday. My school closes for a month and I’ve plenty of choices to do aside from learning photography and attending a Cosplay. What’s next?

Climb at Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)?



Night outs at Kao San Road? 


Posing at Angkor Wat in Cambodia?

Samui island? Beach?

Ahh… October, it’s gonna be fun!


12 thoughts on “What’s Next after the Climb to Limestone Hill?

  1. Now thats a cool place to explore and photograph, great shots. The coconut brings back memories of a trip to Thailand and the Phillipines I took wayyyyyyy back in the 80’s..:-))

  2. Woo! your october ideas sound very exciting, can’t wait to see which ones you’ll end up posting. I haven’t been to Asia yet and i’ve been dying to go. There’s so much i want to see and do, and i have to visit my homeland (Iran) one day too, but the middle east doesnt appeal to me nearly as much as asia. Really cool place here, that is one huge statue haha

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