I quit and I’m happy!

“Is the caffeine kickin’ in yet? No jokes?”

It was my co-worker’s words that echo inside our hushed office today. His question was meant for me because I was unusually quiet and sedentary! I just gave a smirk and moved on to my book markings. But I could tell he knew there was something missing, something undone in my routines… a cup coffee!

I’ve been drinking coffee before I even started working and that was more than a decade ago. I can finish 3-5 cups a day, sometimes more when I like to order cold/iced-coffee. Just recently, I decided to stop drinking coffee for few reasons: I merely want to stop and prove myself that I can discipline my mind, soul and body to discontinue bad habits or start doing something good; and, I want to have a healthier lifestyle without too much caffeine in my system. I’m not saying that coffee is killing me now with side effects or sickness hence I decided to say goodbye but because I felt too much of it in my taste bud and I can imagine that I have a coffee-flavoured breath already!

I must admit, my first week was a total mess and getting away from coffee aroma was a struggle! My mornings were completely different as I normally had coffee before, during and after breakfast. I had to take a day off from work due to tremendous headache and my days were sluggish.  Our office smells coffee everyday as my co-teachers won’t live a day without a cup of it and I almost gave up and join them again. But I have beaten the temptation successfully for I don’t want to betray myself. I must do what I promised. So, it’s been three weeks now that I’ve avoided coffee. I felt fine and my routine is getting back to normal; no coffee but I drink  green tea or  Thai milk tea (Tsa Nom Yen) instead!

I’m confident that I made the right decision and I am also proud that I can say to myself that “I can” to some things that I thought “I can’t”. How many people say to themselves, “I’m gonna quit smoking, this is the last one!”, or “I’m gonna go on a diet, this is my last heavy meal!”? Maybe my coffee drinking addiction is far different from other’s smoking or diet or maybe easier to stop but my point is whatever we plan to do, the success depends on our self-discipline and our determination. At first it’s really difficult but wait till your mind and body get used to the new scheme, you will be proud of yourself!

My next plan is to drop 5 kilos in a month as my jeans and work clothes are getting smaller (haha!)  Difficult, yes, but watch me! I’m definitely blogging my weight watch soon!

So how about you, what do you have in mind to improve for yourself, for your home, for your family or career?

It’s time to increase determination level. Let’s do it!

Photo from my phone, a proof how I loved coffee!


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