Today’s menu: Apple Snails and Apple Snails

apple snails and their pink eggs at the pond near my workplace

These are apple snails. I just knew their name in English very recently as we commonly call them “kuhol” in the Philippines. I’ve seen apple snails in rice fields, streams or along the river banks and ponds but I’ve never seen cooked apple snails! Although I heard from my male friends that they have actually eaten cooked apple snails with coconut milk. I did not believe them because I think these snails are dirty and poisonous.  But when I saw a big pan full of cooked snails in one of the markets in Thailand, my mind shouted, “What?” “Really?” “No!” Only in Thailand that I’ve truly witnessed how they’re cooked and sold in food stands! My guess, there are snail farms that bred snails for cooking and selling purposes therefore some people say they’re clean and safe to it. Even so, I think I’d pass  this kind of exotic food.

Lesson I got from the snails: apple snails in English, hoy sherry in Thai and they’re fit for human consumption.

Would you like to have some? 😉

A pan full of apple snails sold in one of the markets in Thailand


9 thoughts on “Today’s menu: Apple Snails and Apple Snails

  1. I love the exotic foods from around the world – and in particular in Asia. Food is so dull and boring in Europe – it looks very, very good – and I would love to taste, if its not too crunchy!

  2. LOL! In the Army I went to a Survival school hosted by the Thai military in Thailand, we tried Apple Snails as well as a variety of jungle goodies including Cobra…YUMMMM!! :-)) Great shots..

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