Holiday starts…NOW!



The Temple of Dawn view from our boat

The Chao Phraya Princess

It’s official! Our holiday starts now!

My sister is so eager to spend the holiday with a bang! So we planned to hit RCA Bangkok at Rachadaphisek – a popular rendezvous of bar, wine and music aficionados. But just as when we ready ourselves to sparkle the night, we reroute the plan to a dinner cruise experience and instantly telephoned a booking agent so we could hop on a boat for a buffet dinner while cruising Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

As we journey in the river for two hours we’re also enjoying an international buffet cuisine. The views and flicker of lights of the restaurants and hotels along the river are brilliant! Everything that glints is inviting tourists and even locals for a stop, drink or dine. And as for us we really enjoyed the meal and drinks and I find it very romantic, therefore, I recommend the cruise to all especially the romantic people! 🙂

In the end, the abrupt change of plan turned out to be the best launch of the holiday!


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