Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge makes me happy.


Why not? This makes me look through my old photo albums and select the most memorable photos that really make me laugh and feel happy.  It also gives a chance to remember the people I used to be around with and who are now living away. Most of all it tells me to count my blessings. Thank you so much and I hope everybody feels the same.

The happiest moment I had with my cousin before she flew to Europe for good with her family

This picture always make me smile or laugh. ‘Twas 6 am, just got up, opened the karaoke and started singing “It’s my Life” by Jon Bon Jovi. A long and loud laugh burst when we sang the chorus so out of tune…

I love attending themed parties and this one’s the latest I’ve been to!

Last year’s Cowboy Night at the company I work part-time. All smiles with drinks, food and hilarious presentations from co-workers and guests! I am looking forward for another happy Cowboy night this year.

My nephew…the source of happiness in the family.

Graham crackers-mango cake made my friend happy when I prepared some on her birthday

The workplace is never the same without them! They normally make my day!

This picture was taken last week when we were ordered to report at work. We pretended to be bored and took photo and one of my mates uploaded one on Facebook so the boss could see and let us have an early holiday  (but it didn’t work haha) There was nothing to do and we didn’t want to come to work anymore for everyone’s so excited for the October break. We were stuck in the library and not allowed to go home before 5.

I’m glad I work with these “crazy” but happy people. I’m never bored with them!

Plants and flowers always make me happy.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

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  4. You leave all photographers with a sense of just having fun with the camera! This is so important.

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  8. Thank you so much everyone for visiting my blog and for leaving comments while I’m away and enjoying my holiday 😉 I hope you are all happy and blooming while blogging.

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