Story Challenge: Letter “P” for Purple

I think “challenges” is a trend on WordPress and of late Story Challenge from FRIZZTEXT caught my attention and inspired by fgasette so I joined up.

My first entry is P for Purple.

I am showing my purple dress and this is the first time I wear a purple dress. Not that I don’t like shades of purple colours, I’m just not confident wearing them because I’m afraid I don’t look good on them because of my complexion.  Plus I am not very good at choosing the right fashion, the best shoes and blings and it always scare me to buy the wrong things that don’t complement my skin tone or personality. But when I went shopping I thought this purple dress was too nice to pass up. When I tried it on, I fell in love with it.

I posted one photo on my Facebook account wearing this dress and my aunt, whom I’ve never heard of for a long time commented: Nice, my favourite colour!

Then it hit me, I’ve been away for too long from home and almost forgotten the people I most care about. My anty Becky loves purple very much and during my stay at her house years ago, she gave me a purple skirt for the Christmas party. She also designed my purple uniform for my office-job-training. I was too preoccupied of my life abroad and I feel guilty for not checking my uncle and aunt who were too kind to me when I lived with them. And how could I forget my aunt’s favourite colour!?!  😦

Purple – you remind me of who loves me!

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