Underwater World Recollection

Exactly one year today, 9 am Bangkok time, I experienced the flood in Thailand. I call it ‘the amazing flood’ because there were more than 3 provinces being submerged without heavy rain.  The water came from the many dams that cannot hold enough rainwater from the distant provinces. In order to prevent fatal damages to the people, the water was released gradually until it accumulated and reached to thigh or chest level depending on the topographical form of the provinces where the water went. The flood lasted more than 40 days at the area where I live so I had to evacuate to get easy access of primary needs and take caution of my own health too.



One thing I learnt from the tragedy – mutual aid among Thai people. I saw how each of them helped one another in the middle of calamity. When I boarded on the military truck to vacate my apartment, everyone offered a hand when in fact all of them are already packed with their own belongings. All private vehicles stopped and offered a ride for those who wanted to go to dry grounds. I was touched at their sense of kindness. I also salute the military for taking good care of the people who need them. They were the ones who provide medicines, food and free transport of the people with smiles on their faces.


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