Tamaraws play Rugby

So I decided to watch the rugby game not because I’m a heart and soul fan but to cheer for the Philippine Tamaraw team and to see a real play of such manly sport. Besides I haven’t seen a rugby match in my life and curiosity propels me to watch the Thailand and Philippines match.

This match is also the first International Rugby League in Asia held at Royal Thai Police Stadium. Not a lot of people were there since Filipinos are not much of a rugby fans. If it was basketball, I believe the stadium was packed with Filipino cheerers. For this event, there were 6 of us who cheered for the Philippine team against couple of Thais, British, Australians and other nationalities who watched the game. Nevertheless, Philippine Tamaraw tackled well enough and scored 86 against Thailand, 0.  You can check this link for more of the match.

My congratulations to the Tamaraws, you make us proud! I also want to share this to the Filipinos out there who didn’t know that their fellowmen have played well this week.  I want to say too, that after this game, I have so much respect to all rugby players and the rugby sport.

(P.S. Tamaraw is a name of a buffalo found in the Philippines (Bubalos Mindorensis) )

No pain, no gain!

Sweat and blood, for the love of sport!

for the win

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One thought on “Tamaraws play Rugby

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