Just Give Me A Reason

I like P!nk and I like to listen to most of her songs.

This song of hers in particular has magnetic effect on me not that I have the same relationship crisis as depicted in the song but I like the melody and the meaning it expresses.
I think the line that goes:
“Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again”
is not only for married couples with problems. It is associable to any interrelation that almost goes wrong– family, co-worker, siblings, etc

I used the song as example to a conversation I had with some friends recently. We discussed about our colleague’s feuds that started with a petty misunderstanding. The first party wants to forget everything, start anew, discuss the problem and showed an effort of reconciliation. However, the second party showed unwavering pride and ignore the co-worker’s attention to make compromises.

Just as expressed in the song, reconciliation between two fighting co-workers needs cooperation from both of them. How can two people settle differences if only one party is willing? I believe that in every quarrel, there lies a reason and the relationship is not totally broken but just bent and there’s still a chance to straighten it up and live peacefully again.

…….well, I don’t know if my colleagues agree with me all the way but all I know is they like the song too! 😀


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