Photo Mania #13

DSC_0013 copy

On a sunny Monday morning in Thailand
I’m a busy and joyful bee
So let me send this simple flower to greet you good day
and hope you, too,
carry a cheerful mood throughout the week
wherever you are
what continent you’re in


Sunday Steamed Cheesecake Practice


Not perfect but not bad! 🙂

Just Give Me A Reason

I like P!nk and I like to listen to most of her songs.

This song of hers in particular has magnetic effect on me not that I have the same relationship crisis as depicted in the song but I like the melody and the meaning it expresses.
I think the line that goes:
“Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again”
is not only for married couples with problems. It is associable to any interrelation that almost goes wrong– family, co-worker, siblings, etc

I used the song as example to a conversation I had with some friends recently. We discussed about our colleague’s feuds that started with a petty misunderstanding. The first party wants to forget everything, start anew, discuss the problem and showed an effort of reconciliation. However, the second party showed unwavering pride and ignore the co-worker’s attention to make compromises.

Just as expressed in the song, reconciliation between two fighting co-workers needs cooperation from both of them. How can two people settle differences if only one party is willing? I believe that in every quarrel, there lies a reason and the relationship is not totally broken but just bent and there’s still a chance to straighten it up and live peacefully again.

…….well, I don’t know if my colleagues agree with me all the way but all I know is they like the song too! 😀

Photo Mania 12

I glanced at the sight, so beautiful in the daylight Amidst the greens, a beautiful blossom blends Like magic or spell, within me I can tell I found something new  I like purple more than pink and blue Don’t know how it started, I just came to love it

I glanced at the sight, so beautiful in the daylight
Amidst the greens, a beautiful blossom blends
Like magic or spell, within me I can tell
I found something new
I like purple more than pink and blue
Don’t know how it started, I just came to love itDSC_1506

25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

(The first time to post on WordPress about my pregnancy updates. I just feel like sharing it to everyone while we’re still buoyed with joy about this great blessing we got.)

P1140508 - Copy copy ??????????

Like typical pregnant women, I have mixed emotions in my pregnancy and most of them could amount to utmost excitement. I could not thank enough to experience contrary to scary countless opinions from experienced moms who said ‘you will have extreme nausea, vomiting, food craving, headache, laziness, drowsiness, etc.’ Well yes, I went through a little, although, of everything – good and bad. Gladly, I never had to suffer the extremities of pregnancy ordeals that most women vent. I could practically eat everything if I wanted to. I only restrain myself to avoid health complications later in my pregnancy.

I had baby’s first kick on the 26th of March, just as the second trimester launched. It was a swift subtle blow that surprised me. Since that instant I always look forward to baby’s every kick and moves, in fact, I won’t last a day without anticipating any soft movements from my womb.

I had a painful leg cramps two nights in a row during the second trimester. Luckily, I managed to find helpful remedy from online bloggers and I was glad that their wise words worked well. Up to this date, I’m blessed to be able to get through the night without painful back and cramps. Rather I enjoyed the subtle jolts from the little being, suggesting all’s well and nothing to worry about.

My belly’s gradual bulging is unstoppable too. At times I could feel slight abdominal contractions which are normally felt during the second trimester in pregnancy. This is called Braxton hicks or practice contractions that lasts a minute or two. I had and still have frequent visits to the toilet, night and day, since it’s normal that the gall bladder lowers to give more space of the growing uterus.

At this stage, I am living the radical changes that most people talk about when a woman is pregnant. Tender swollen breasts, weight gain, sore heels and all of these make me uncomfortable at bedtime or anytime of the day. The constant toting up of my weight showed an 8.8 lbs gaining during my second tri and the doctor advised me to watch my weight closely to avoid complications before or during labor and delivery. It is an open truth that in so many cases, women who ignores excessive weight gain and food intake suffer sugar disparity that results to gestational diabetes. Of course, I won’t let myself be in that case, so I carefully watch my food and eating habits.

As the second tri closes, I congratulate myself and my baby for reaching the doors of third trimester. We’ve come this far without serious illness, problems and complications. I give thanks to the almighty for such safe guarding and blessing. Truly without him, I am nothing.

There’s one more trimester to traverse with extra care. Of course, I do fear of the unknown future because it is also another truth that not only had a single woman given birth at 6 or 7 months due to stress and tricky situations, therefore, as much as possible I try my best to stay focused, positive and healthy. I want my pregnancy to reach perfect full term in healthy condition and I pray harder to be away from stress and health impediments. May god, my guide and ultimate adviser, bless me and the baby always.